Supporting teachers and administrators within public schools by creating new funding and learning opportunities using existing school resources.

Schools are constantly under pressure to deliver on their core responsibility to educate the young people of their community while having to ensure that there are sufficient resources available for them to do so. ServeSchools encourages the opportunity to introduce fee-paying foreign (”international”) students into public high schools as a means to counter “sequestration” – generating an income while fostering global understanding in the classroom. As such it is our featured program and the focus of our current support for schools.

As part of this endeavor, ServeSchools proposes the establishment of an “Inter-state Agency for Internationalization in Public Schools” (IAIPS).  The case for this proposal can be read here.

Foreign Students in U.S. Public High Schools

Public high schools in the United States have opened their classrooms to teenage students from foreign countries. An international fee-paying student program is made possible and supported within high schools through partnership between host schools and Interested in attending a US high school, or in becoming a homestay host, being a student recruiter (agent) or a school which hosts international students, then click the relevant button below to learn more.

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