Engagement and Reputation Seminar

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Facing the public school challenges of morale, money and movement?

Parents complaining, teachers moving on, little additional financial support from the community, students lacking connection? Have you factored in the role that your communications play in determining the level of support that you receive? Have you factored in the possibility of a gap between how your school is perceived and what is really happening?

Or perhaps you do have community support and the school is thriving but you are not benefitting because of it?

This seminar is for those in school leadership who have implemented solutions in the past but are yet to see a breakthrough. It is for those who recognize that strengthening ties across the community and positively changing how people see the school will make a difference on classroom learning and extra-curricular performance.

This seminar differentiates itself from others by being able to draw on two decades of experience that New Zealand public schools have had, providing a rationale for their efforts to promote and manage reputation, evidence of their positive outcomes and an insight into their successful methods.

No longer needing to be the exclusive domain of private schools, designed communication strategies and deliberate efforts to engage the community should be part of a public schools management of its human resources, administration, planning and technology integration.

Upcoming Seminar for US Public High Schools in April-May 2016

Join ServeSchools for a seminar on “How Strengthening Community Connections and Managing School Reputation has Made Sense – a New Zealand perspective for US public high schools" to be held this spring in Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and upstate New York.

Designed for high school administrators, superintendents, board members, Principals and school leaders with options of a 1.5hr evening rapid-fire session or a 3.5hr weekday morning session depending on your schedule.  Register your interest and preferred time at the link below to look deeper into community engagement and school perception as applicable to public schools.

  • Carrollton (North Dallas) TX: April 29 and May 12
  • Concord NH: May 3
  • Lexington (North Boston) MA: May 4
  • Syracuse NY: May 7

Seminar Cost

  Evening sessions (1.5hrs duration) $32 pp or group rate of $85 per 4 attendees from the same school.
  Morning sessions (3.5hrs duration) with breakfast $99 pp or group rate of $250 per 4 attendees from the same school.
  Pay upon prior invoice or check payment at the event.



Seminar Content

During the seminar you will join with a group of peers to look towards New Zealand—the land of "Lord of the Rings', kiwi birds, rugby and schools with uniforms and British traditions—in order to appreciate the value of "Knowing Your Neighbor" and to ask, “does your high school in the US actively seek to know its community’s expectations and perceptions? How does it engage with those inside and beyond?"

You’ll see the need to "Tell the Truth Well" and ask if your school effectively conveys who it is and what it offers through its communications and the behaviors of its people.

Exploring the importance of being attractive to potential and existing staff and students so that they can both first ‘SeeAND then continue to ‘Believe’ in your institution will follow.  Public schools may have no obvious need for student recruitment yet they do need to win the hearts and minds of past, present and future students if they wish to gain credibility and tangible support.

But what can your school afford and what should it expect to achieve for the effort? How can communications and promotion be paid for when there is no budget allocation or when staff time is already crowded? We look at the necessity of “Making it all Worth it” when measured through the areas of human resource, governance, planning and performance. 

Join presenter, Philip Bradley with his New Zealand perspective on how effort put into the "6 R's" of relationship building, reputation management, recruitment, retention, resourcing and review, can positively impact classrooms and make a difference to your world.  

Register your interest below.

Seminar Presenter - Philip Bradley

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CEO, serveschools.org, New Zealand

Mr Bradley brings over a two decades of experience in educational marketing development and implementation within the Australasian secondary school sector. Originally trained as an architect, he completed post-graduate studies to qualify as a teacher before establishing his own design and marketing business, Blueriver Creative. He offers a unique insight into the background and current operation of communications, marketing and international student programs within New Zealand and Australian high schools. He has established serveschools.org to provide services to high schools in the United States.

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