Being a Host School


The top five destinations for international high school students in order of preference are regarded as

  1. United States,
  2. United Kingdom,
  3. Canada,
  4. Australia,
  5. New Zealand.

[Source: i-graduate ICEF Agent Barometer 2011]

Being a Host School


Seeking the best public high schools to offer the best education and cultural experience to international students is essential for any fee-paying program.  Parental expectations need to be aligned with what each school has to offer. High schools wishing to embark on the international fee-paying student program must go through the following sequence:

  1. Determination of eligibility
  2. Application
  3. Verification
  4. Adjudication
  5. Confirmation

Eligibility can be determined and preliminary queries addressed by emailing a preliminary enquiry to

Apply Now

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